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Friday, February 27, 2015

Our Accies Lottery would involve a monthly cash prize for the winner as well as a runner up prize.

Under 13 Fixtures

       South West Girls 13s South Lanarkshire/Dumfries
10/03/2012 Hamilton Reds 0-9 EK Galaxy
10/03/2012 Hamilton Caledonian 6-5 Hamilton Whites
24/03/2012 EK Thistle 6-0 Hamilton Reds
24/03/2012 Hamilton Whites 10-0 Strathaven
21/04/2012 Hamilton Whites v EK Galaxy
21/04/2012 Dumfries v Hamilton Reds
28/04/2012 EK Thistle v Hamilton Whites
28/04/2012 Hamilton Reds v Hamilton Caledonian
05/05/2012 Hamilton Reds v Hamilton Whites
19/05/2012 Strathaven v Hamilton Reds
09/06/2012 Hamilton Whites v Dumfries
18/08/2012 Strathaven v Hamilton Whites
18/08/2012 Hamilton Reds v EK Thistle
25/08/2012 Hamilton Whites v Hamilton Reds
08/09/2012 EK Galaxy v Hamilton Whites
08/09/2012 Hamilton Reds v Dumfries
15/09/2012 Hamilton Whites v EK Thistle
15/09/2012 Hamilton Caledonian v Hamilton Reds
22/09/2012 Hamilton Reds v Strathaven
06/10/2012 Dumfries v Hamilton Whites
13/10/2012 EK Thistle v Hamilton Reds
13/10/2012 Hamilton Whites v Hamilton Caledonian

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